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anaya04.jpgAnaya began studying piano and guitar at the age of four, and is a self-taught keyboardist. She began her musical career by giving recitals to friends and playing in her school band. Early in her adult life, she became a computer specialist in Brazil. She later attended the University of Syaracuse and earned a Post Doctorate degree in Leadership. Anaya then chose to restart her music career, while still teaching computer classes at the University of Brasilia.

From early on people said Anaya would be an academic, and indeed she later on became professor of Information Systems at the University of Brasilia. Her many years dedicated to management and leadership overflowed into a deep understanding of self-management and self-leadership, using one’s own energies. However, throughout these experiences, music was always present, bubbling just below the surface.

In 1990 Anaya again dedicated herself to music, initially as a classical singer and then composing guitar music. Anaya has over 200 songs registered at the Rio de Janeiro School of Music. In 1995 she devoted herself to studying keyboard and using computer and sound technology. Her earlier experience in computer science made it an easy transition to accomplish. Anaya was finally able to bring together the senses and technology. The balance and harmony of this union is fundamental to creation. As a result, the principles that guide Anaya’s creations are: the senses, technology, beauty, romance, sensuality, and art integration.