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The pursuit, the walking along the Path until the Buddha meets within.

Melodies for the soul! Beautiful,emotional intensity, musicians from Prague Philarmonica, orchestra net and Anaya,an outstanding keyboardist.

“this is spiritually uplifting music that leaves a smile on your soul. It’s like the term digital footprint, there is an everlasting musical imprint left on your being.” Says:Dick Metcalf - editor,  Contemporary fusion.



"Anaya’s childhood dream to play alongside a live symphony orchestra was brought to life on the “Eternity” album. The unique production features a virtual collaboration and real time recording in cyberspace between Anaya Music in Brazil, a live symphony orchestra in Prague, and Steve Salani at Studios in Los Angeles. The symphony orchestra combines members of the finest ensembles in Prague, including the Czech Philharmonic. Anaya’s musical articulation of “Eternity” becomes a harmonious, uplifting passage into the soul of music playing the symphony of the universe."




Dharma - Single


"Over the past few years, I have enjoyed the beautiful spiritual journey that Anaya has taken us on with her music. From "Aligned in the Universe" and "Devotion," to "Fifth Essence" and now her latest release, the single "Dharma" from her upcoming album "Eternity." Cosmic New Age she calls this style of music, and it sure is a lovely production with beautiful performances on the violin and cello, with the harp, pads and other textures helping everything in the mix sit so well. Wishing Anaya the best for the success of the single, and eagerly looking forward to the full length follow up." - Arun Shenoy, GRAMMY-nominated Composer & Producer.


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Fifth Essence

"A fifth Essence" is the new album of AnayaMusic and you can listen songs in you tube-
Enjoy! And also in CdBaby
The album "A fifth Essence" expresses the journey of Anaya In Love being Aligned with new vibrations and dimensions across the Aonki love gate, like a Mountain to be reached Somewhere for The new Journey with Alethea, the supreme through of Light.
"The sound of Fifth Essence is the sound of heaven and earth. Heavenly in it's ethereal angelic voices and new age ambiance, and earthy in it's rich symphonic strings and neoclassical influences. While Anaya is a talented composer whose intriguing and often unexpected chord changes and melodies caught my attention, I was most impressed with her heartfelt intention in creating beautiful music to inspire and uplift the spirit of the listener."

Michael Diamond - Music and Media Focus 



DEVOTION - This is the new album of Anaya Music and is dedicated to the devotion in the Universe. Promotes a self-union with the holiness. Anaya works here with choir, voice sounds and orchestral arrangements. The violin solos give a unique sound design, the enchantments of strings go together, flutes and voices. Hoping you enjoy and feel great!

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Music for me is the sound of light and Experiencing music is experiencing the holomonic uniqueness and integrity, reconnecting love and poetry, the essence of life and light and the ecstasy of sound as music of the new age!

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